We are Women juggling many plates who Crave Connection

in a Culture of Curiosity, Creative Thinking, & #CommunityOverCompetition.

Ever feel like your life is a game show?

And you're trying to see how many plates you can juggle while dealing with all your different stuff, right?
The alarm goes off,
you're Mom
Now,  Business Owner...
Next, Chef...
Back to Business Owner...
Finally confident, 
exhausted Partner.
Shouldn't there be time out for good behavior? 
Or a grand prize? A car or a trip to Tahiti!
Or at the very least time to rest in between! 

Spoiler alert: There is no grand prize.

Hello! I created Athena Village because I crave connection and I thought that others might be feeling the same. I wanted to connect in a place that was free from the chaotic energy of other online spaces.

Our members are a diverse group. What brings us all together is our shared desire to make a difference and have fun while doing it. We are women with varied interests, but we all share a passion for community and growth.Kelly Pratt, Founder

Let go of what 
you do for a moment, and let us know 
WHO you are.

We hang out in our Village Café 

where we recently took a poll:

Wearing too Many Hats?
Too many Spinning Plates?

Several Villagers said "Both!" 

One said I'm a "shiny object/not enough time 🤣 person."

What do you relate to?

By the way, if you found your way here because you're a visionary who is creating a community for heart-centered, soul-led women, 
come on in, 
There's a bunch of us here! And we even promote each other's communities. #CommunityOverCompetition.