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Welcome to Athena Village

A Collective of Women-Owned Businesses & Classes serving Creative, Innately Curious Members.

Curiosity. Creativity. Community. Connectivity. FUN

We are a community of women whose combined experience will knock your socks off.  

We're creating face to face, connection opportunities - online and in the real world !

Women are great at shining the light on others. And we often forget to illuminate ourselves. We do this as sisters, moms, partners.  We do this in our professional lives and our communities.  

And as women, we tend to leave our own “essential coolness,” our mojo on the shelf. Or worse, we forget where we put it or even what “it” is!  
We know it’s there - that essential coolness, our mojo, our groove.  
But it can be elusive after years of doing for and giving to others. 

"Ladies, we are natural leaders. The world needs our  mojo, our 'essential coolness,' our groove. And it does take a village."

Kelly Pratt, founder Athena Village 

In BECOMING ATHENA Martha Mertz states that women’s natural leadership  is 
“… not codified in business schools or mandated in corporate manuals; [it is] … drawn, unselfconsciously, from centuries-old practices learned at grandmothers’ knees… so second-nature that… the principles went stay them, shaping and guiding all we do.”

Athena Village isn't about experts. We're not gurus. The Village is a carefully gathered group of individuals and women-owned businesses that we can all learn from, here to combine and share what we know.

  • An active and engaged community where something is happening every day.

  • Live facilitated conversations on Talk2Think TV with guests to help you see possibilities, explore options and execute your vision.

  • Focused curated resources to save you time and frustration.

  • Special members-only online Events.

  • Easy and continuous access to our team - we want you to help shape the community.

  • A Place of Co-opetition – Cooperative Competition – where we have each other's back.

    • Real-time case studies of how other Village members “Do it!”

    • Member Spotlights that show you exactly what others are doing and their results.

    • None of the typical distractions of traditional social media. but with all the benefits of a true Community and Network.

    • Online courses and other resources added all the time. 

Let’s get this brilliance into the world!  

The online Village is just the beginning... but it's a great online space to start

The internet is an amazing tool. Let's use it in a way that serves us but doesn't annoy us, and doesn't spy on us! 

You engage at the level comfortable for you. 

And you can set your notifications so you are pinged only as much - or as little - as you want.   

Plus there's even an app... how cool is that!
You don't ever have to go to the usual social sites.
Just hang out with other creative women 
who're making sh!t happen.

*want to know more about the rest of the movement, click HERE 

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