Welcome to Athena Village

We are women wearing many hats 🎩 focusing unapologetically on who we ARE 1st, then on what we DO.

In the Village we focus on who we ARE 1st, then on what we DO.

The internet is an amazing tool. So let's use in a way that serves us but doesn't overwhelm, annoy, + definitely spy on us.
  • Instead of competition, we offer collaboration and cooperation opportunities.
  • Instead of us telling you what you want, we you get to curate the information you see in your feed, email box, or in the app.
  • Instead of people telling you to DO IT MY WAY! You'll find Collective members sharing their journeys, experiences and the lessons they've learned

Ours is a community that is
Women-Created | Women-Owned | Women-Led

We believe in Giving Back and Paying it Forward.  
A Community Created by Community.

Find what you need here…
OR let's build it together in this private
inclusive, collaborative, supportive
community of spectacular women.

You may decide to join the Village to further your career or business, and then find yourself coming back for the camaraderie and connections you’re making.  

Or maybe you join for a specific book club or class, and stay for the amazing business support you've found.

Do you feel like your life is out of tune?  
We've identified these 7 areas for you to pay attention to.  

Creativity + Play

Friendships + Love

Learning + Growth

Money + Freedom

Purpose + Career

Wellness + Resilience

Community + Belonging

To take inventory of our lives, we've designed a fun tool.  Our Athena Village Wholeness Inventory will help you view your life from a holistic view. 

    Click here to take the Inventory  
The thought provoking questions in each area will help you look at your life as a whole woman. 
You'll rate each area based on a scale of 1-10.  Your answers will give you and our Village team an idea of how joining the Village will be an enhancement to your life - not just another spinning plate!

Who are we?

The members of the Village are artists, authors, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, and entrepreneurs gathering to connect through authentic stories, thoughtful questions & soulful conversations.  
Want a quiet place away from the chaos, vitriol and perfection of social media?
A place without the prying eyes of traditional social channels that use what you share to sell and market to you incessantly?
Are your people getting fed up with those frenetic channels?  Consider joining Athena Village, away from the noise.

Engage at the level comfortable for you. Set notifications to your individual rhythms, so you're contacted only as much – or as little – as you'd like. 
Each of us is a work in progress, on our own unique journey. We make mistakes. We listen. 
In the Village we’re committed to respecting our individual journeys, while learning and responding as a collective community. We believe learning and growing together is the way to create the world we want to live in.  
Athena Village is committed to help our members thrive. 

Meet our Village Collective.

Our teachers, coaches, authors, makers + entrepreneurs ready to share our journeys
with the rest of the Village.

Learn more about becoming a member of the Collective?

We have fun!  We believe in getting to know each other before we ask “what do you do?” When Collective Member, Stephanie Foley shared the Adobe Creative Types test we loved it! 

We have the ability to allow members add an “identity” to their profile. But instead of asking "what do you do?" We ask new members to identify their Creative type by taking this quiz from Adobe

A few of our Regular Activities

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