Become a part of the Athena Village.

And gain a sisterhood of heart-centered, soul-led women.

A women-led collective of artists, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, + entrepreneurs.

You can't build a strong, beautiful,
complicated structure – whether it's a building,
a life, or a community – without "Sistering.”

Athena Village is summed up perfectly by the concept of SISTERING.
The term Sistering comes from carpentry and means to strengthen a weakened joist by adding another board - a Sister Joist - to the left and/or the right of the weakened joist. Women have been coming together in this way since time began. And we're doing it again in Athena Village.
With the concept of #CommunityOverCompetition, coopetition, at the core of our supportive community, our members and the people we serve are all strengthened.

"Women are special, strong people who hold up the world.  But sometimes life's load gets too heavy and hard for us to carry alone…

" is just a dance between being sistered and sistering others."
– Glennon Doyle


We sometimes we find ourselves thinking, 

"I really need a great conversation over a good cup of coffee (or tea!)."

I created Athena Village because that's what I needed. I was craving connection.

Many of us have our own businesses, some are working for others, some are retired, and some are just starting out.  

What we all have in common is that we are multi faceted women who are living our purpose! 

I find, that sometimes my friends don't "get" me. I'm that wacky entrepreneur. That's cool. I'll just create a community of others like me!  Creative Women who are Craving Community!
– Kelly Pratt, Founder Athena Village

It is said that  “it takes a village” in this case, an online Village.

A place where women can hang out with others who live with purpose and crave community. 
Women who want to support other women in their efforts to, as RBG said. "leave tracks... to leave the world a little better for [our] having lived.” 
A private values-driven space where we feel safe to be ourselves. Where we can have conversations, be curious, make discoveries, and create connections.
Where we are not:
  • bombarded with sales pitches
  • worried about our personal information being “tracked”  
  • surrounded with negativity.

    Curious? I invite you to visit Athena Village

What to expect in the Village?

Ours is a community created by community.
Every time a new voice, like yours, is added,
the Village becomes stronger and more valuable.

A few examples of the Events, Groups and Courses you will find in the Village...

Weekly coworking days with a 
virtual lunch break (members only).

Monthly virtual gatherings for such as 
Biz Talk, Idea Lab and 
Pop-up AHA! - Ask Her Anything Conversations*

*We occasionally open events up to outside guests

Groups + Courses for Exploration

Member Stephanie Foley of Moon Feather Hollow inspiring us all 
year long in The Artists' Way Space.

Private Business Space Opportunities

Member Barbara Zuleger's hosts her Business Breakthrough Team's in the Village.

Collaborative Directories + 
Spaces to share resources and tools.

How many hats do you wear? 

Which hat am I wearing today?  


Instead of being defined by what you DO let's get to know WHO you are.
Wearing any hat you feel like that day.  
In the Village you can connect with others, learn about new things, do business if you like, find unique collaboration opportunities, and find a bit of breathing space. 
  • Is there a favorite hat collecting dust in the closet? [use this tool to find out]
  • Or do you want to take off just one hat for a while.
    Which one would it be?
In the Village we celebrate – and experiment – with all the hats!

#CommunityOverCompetition in action.

Is one of your hats that of a business owner or professional?

The Village is perfect for you. It's an opportunity to invite your people –  clients and followers – away from the chaos of social media to a quieter more intimate private space where you can actually interact with each other. 
We've all heard that a rising tide floats all boats. . . and when I jump into that rising tide, I'd much prefer swimming in a blue ocean rather than in a red ocean with the sharks. 
The #CommunityOverCompetion value and atmosphere sets the tone. I'm confident that my people will benefit from knowing you and the experience you bring to the Village. And I'm confident that you will feel the same.
This is one more way we can serve serving our people. In other words we are introducing our audiences to each other without anyone being "sold to."

[click image to take the Life Harmony Inventory]

I'm just guessing here, but I'll bet you'd love a life where you...

  • . . . get to hang out with amazing people, 
  • . . . get to do work you love, 
  • . . . are being paid appropriately, 
  • . . . and have enough time for your other passions 
And know that you've made a difference.
If that describes you, you have a lot in common with the members of Athena Village. We are dedicated to working together to make that happen.

Our commitments:

1. Walking the talk of #CommunityOverCompetition [coopetition] 
2. Sharing from experience and wisdom, never telling you what to do.
3. Encouraging Curiosity, Exploration, + Discovery. 
4. Striving for Justice, Equity, Diversity + Inclusion.
5. Being a Business that is a Force for Good.
6. Taking Responsibility for Our Part in Changing the Marketplace.

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