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Athena Village is a thriving, private women-led community of heart- and soul-centered women--a collective of artists, authors, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, and business owners gathering to teach, to learn and to share. We believe creative women crave connection and thrive when we share our experiences along the journey. 
Want a quiet place from the endless chaos of Twitter, the perfection of Instagram and the vitriol of Facebook?
Want a place away from the prying eyes of traditional social media channels that use what you share to sell and market to you incessantly?
Are you losing connections because of your people getting fed up with Facebook? Consider joining Athena Village, away from the noise...

"Women are natural leaders. The world needs our mojo, our "essential coolness," our groove. It takes a village, so we've created one."  – Kelly Pratt, Founder, Athena Village

We believe the internet is an amazing tool. Let's use it in a way that serves us but doesn't overwhelm, annoy, & definitely doesn't track us!
Engage at the level comfortable for you. Set notifications to your individual rhythms, so you're contacted only as much – or as little – as you'd like. 

Athena Village is a community being created by the community. We're all on a journey and we're sharing that journey with each other.

Athena Village is committed to help our members thrive. If you recognize yourself in the description above contact founder, Kelly Pratt or schedule a curiosity conversation to learn how Athena Village partners with our Village Council Members to help you grow.

Our Culture and Values

What we talk about, think about, are about.

Each Spring brings our
30 Women 30 Stories Project

This year's theme: 

define, refine, reclaim + reboot your mojo

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and our Village Council.  

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