Women are strong beings holding the world on our shoulders

We are women. What's your superpower?

What is Athena Village?

We bring together Women Juggling Multiple Roles to Connect and Collaborate so that we can Share our Experiences and Challenges, and learn from one another's successes and failures. We crave connection, collaboration, and honor #CommunityOverCompetition.

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We are artists, authors, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, and entrepreneurs gathering to connect through authentic stories, thoughtful questions & soulful conversations.

  • Want a quiet place away from the chaos, vitriol, and perfection of social media?
  • A place without the prying eyes of traditional social channels that use what you share to sell and market to you incessantly?
  • Are you losing connections because your people getting fed up with those channels?

Consider joining Athena Village, away from the noise.

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