Welcome to Athena Village

A community of multidimensional women who wear each and every hat we represent with style.

We are women wearing many hats 🎩 focusing unapologetically on who we ARE, and then on what we DO.

Have you found yourself thinking, 

"I really need a great conversation over a good cup of coffee (or tea!)."

I created Athena Village with you – and me – in mind. Some are professionals working for others, some are CEOs of our own businesses, some are full-time moms or we've retired. Some are just starting out.  

We're all multidimensional women who wear many hats.

More and more of us are working from home. We love the freedom, but it has its drawbacks.

When our world was rocked by COVID I'd been a "digital business owner" for several years. In the summer of 2019 I had BFO*  that led me to re-create my online community into an online destination – a Village – for women.

A place where women could hang out with others who, like me, wanted community but
• did not want to be bombarded with sales pitches
• or be "tracked" then marketed to,
• or surrounded with negativity.

A private place where I felt, well, safe.

A place that was for us as whole women – that is, as multidimensional women who fulfill many roles, wear many hats!

A values-driven space where we could be ourselves.

Where we could have conversations, be curious, make discoveries, and create connections.

The result of that BFO is Athena Village.

I personally invite you to Visit the Village

– Kelly Pratt, Founder Athena Village

*(BFO: Blinding Flash of the Obvious
thank you Barb  Zuleger )

Women wear many hats! 

Often more than one at a time. 

And that gets exhausting.

If you're tired of being defined by what you DO instead of WHO you are, this is the right place.
In Athena Village you can connect with others, learn about new things, find unique collaboration opportunities, and find a bit of breathing space. 

Wearing any hat you feel like that day. 
Is there a hat is collecting dust in the closet that you long to wear again?
If you could take off just one hat for a while, which one would it be?

In the Village we celebrate – and experiment – with all the hats!


#CommunityOverCompetition in action.

Is one of your hats that of a business owner or professional?

The Village is perfect you. It's an opportunity to invite your people –  clients and followers – away from social media chaos to a quieter more intimate private space where we can actually interact with each other. 

We've all heard that a rising tide floats all boats. . . and I don't know about you, but I much prefer swimming in a blue ocean rather than with the sharks in a red ocean. 
 #CommunityOverCompetion and the attitude it creates sets the tone. I know that my people will benefit from knowing you and the experience you bring to the Village. I'm confident that you will feel the same.
This is another way of serving our people. In other words we are introducing our audiences to each other without anyone being "sold to."

I'm just guessing here, but I'll bet you'd love a life where you...

  • . . . get to hang out with amazing people, 
  • . . . get to do work you love, 
  • . . . are being paid appropriately, 
  • . . . and have enough time for your other passions 

And know that you've made a difference.

If that describes you, you have a lot in common with the members of Athena Village.  We are dedicated to working together to make that happen.

What to expect in the Village?

Ours is a community created by community.

Every time a new voice, like yours, is added, the Village becomes stronger and more valuable.

A few examples of the Events, Groups and Courses you will find in the Village...

Weekly co-working days with a virtual lunch break.

Monthly virtual gatherings for members such as Biz Talk, Idea Lab and 
Pop-Up AHA (ask her anything) Conversations

Groups + Courses for Exploration

Member Stephanie Foley of Moon Feather Hollow inspiring us all year long in The Artists' Way Space.

Private Business Space Opportunities

Member Barbara Zuleger's hosts her Business Breakthrough Team's in the Village.

Collaborative Directories + Spaces to 
share resources and tools.

New courses, groups, resources, activities, AHA conversations, and live chats added all the time.

We are committed to:

1. Walking the talk of #CommunityOverCompetition 

Many of our members are professionals who value doing business in a collaborative space. This is a concept that our community is built on – the idea of collaborative competition or sharing audiences - this is how we serve our clients and each other.  You'll find fun and unconventional collaborations here. 

2. Sharing wisdom, No Sages on our Stages

Life is a journey and we're all at different ages and stages. Old dogs teaching young dogs. Young dogs teaching old dogs. We're all learning all the tricks! Circular Mentorship is one of our favorite things! There are no "MY way is the ONLY way" experts here. But we are all ready to share what we've learned along the way.

3. Encouraging Curiosity, Exploration and Discovery. 

Curiosity, exploration and discovery all lead to creative and innovative thinking. And that leads to amazing collaboration opportunities and wonderful connections.  

4. Striving for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

We are striving to create a space that mirrors a world in which we want to live.  This is a work in progress, an ongoing practice, not just a statement. We are always looking for members to add to our culture, not just to fit in.  We value a beginner's mind knowing that there is always more to learn.  And ours is a community created by community, welcoming input from all members.

5. Being a business that is a force for good.

Athena Village, a project of Second Star LLC, is created with the intent to do good for its owners, members, and the world. We believe in creating an environment where we can all succeed by maximizing social impact alongside profits.

Why Athena?

I was moved to explore Athena after reading two books on what makes women great leaders (thank you Joan Mathison!) – Kelly Pratt, Founder

The Goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, and the crafts, Athena is the original multidimensional woman
Like all of us, Athena is strong, smart and creative. She took no pleasure in engaging in battle. referring mediation and negotiation. But Athena would always stand her ground.
Her sacred creature, an owl, symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. And Athena is known for her strategic skill, often portrayed as the patron goddess of heroic endeavor.

We are all Athenas.

The Books
The ATHENA DOCTRINE by  demonstrates how feminine values can solve our toughest problems and build a more prosperous future.  Among the 64,000 people surveyed in thirteen nations, two thirds felt that the world would be a better place if men thought more like women.
In BECOMING ATHENA Martha Mertz, demonstrates that the time-tested women's ways of leading have become the gold standard for great leaders. She states that women's natural leadership is styles are

“…not codified in business schools or mandated in corporate manuals;  drawn, unselfconsciously, from centuries-old practices learned at our grandmother’s knees…so second nature that…the principles went with them, shaping and guiding all we do.” 

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"Life is a dance between being 
– Glennon Doyle

The concept of "Sistering" perfectly
describes what happens in the Village.

"Sistering," is a carpentry term, which means to strengthen a weakened joist by adding another board – a Sister Joist – to the left and/or to the right of a weakened joist.  

"You can't build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure. . . a building, a life, [or a community] without sistering. . .
"Women are special, strong people who hold up the world. But sometimes life's load gets too heavy and hard for us to carry alone. . . It might be time for Sister joist."

– Glennon Doyle

Click 👇🏻 to view the Video that inspired the naming
of our Sistering Memberships


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