Women are strong beings holding the world on our shoulders

who crave connection, collaboration, and CommunityOverCompetition.

Athena Village is a place for creative women who never want to stop learning and crave connection, community, and collaboration.

We are a group of the coolest, most fun, inspiring, and forward-thinking women that I have had the pleasure of encountering in a long time. 

(I should probably add humble to the list 😉)

We hang out in our Village Café

where we recently took a poll:

Wearing too Many Hats?
Too many Spinning Plates?

Several Villagers said "I want to choose both;"
"I'm a shiny object/not enough time 🤣 person."

So we now have a picture of this: 

We're smart, creative women...
who constantly ⛑️ change 🎩 hats 🎓 each day
while keeping all of our plates spinning...
until SQUIRREL! ✨ 🐿️ ✨
What happens? Does it all come tumbling down?
Nope! We keep it all Spinning. 
Exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.!

We've all been there. 


Connect with others, in the Village,
maybe in a Zoom event, or a IRL meetup
Learn something new, joy might teach you something in a marketing play date or maybe Fenlee has a new crochet pattern
Make some business connections, by joining our monthly Biz Talk or Idea Lab or just speaking up in a random conversation.
Collaborate with others, when you start down a rabbit trail and end up designing a new workshop!
Or maybe you just take a break in the Village to see what's being talked or played with recently in the "Neighborhood" of your choice.


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